Why Professional Writers Use Fountain Pens

A professional fountain pen is a wonderful gift for a writer. It brings the art back to writing and lets one re-experience the joy of putting pen on paper—a feeling of typing on a screen or a keyboard simply can’t replicate. Books and manuscripts produced centuries ago were created using calligraphy pens, after all, and many writers want to keep that tradition. There is something about writing on paper that feels more thoughtful than pressing keys.

Many writes also say that the distinctive strokes of a fountain pen bring life to words. Ordinary pens can do the same job as a more expensive fountain pen, of course, but they create uniform lines. A fountain pen is more responsive. Since the width and variety of the stroke depends on the pressure from the hand, a professional writer using fountain pens can give more shape to each word, thereby translating his or her ideas and thoughts in a more fluid way. A paragraph written using a well-engineered fountain pen somehow looks more alive.

A fountain pen can also improve one’s handwriting and make beautiful words even more so. Users of these types of pens tend to be more conscious of their grip and how they write. It’s easy to see why a growing number of professional writers use fountain pens —even those who are relatively younger and grew up in the digital age. The return to traditional writing instruments and stationery is a way to step back from the hustle of modernity and truly enjoy the creative process.

Fountain pens are more pleasurable to use. Professional writers are artists, after all—and they need a perfect tool to produce wonderful stories and compelling materials. If you are looking to buy a fountain pen as a gift for someone special, order online.

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