How to Change a Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge with Ease

Fountain pen ink cartridges must be replaced every time you run out of ink. This option extends the longevity of your fountain pen and is way cheaper than buying a brand new one. You can purchase fountain pen ink cartridges which are sold independently or separately by manufacturers.

Replacing them is not a rocket science and you certainly don’t need to be an expert to do it. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Remove an old ink cartridge from the nib section.
  2. Install a new ink cartridge by pressing it down firmly until you feel that the stopper is punctured to allow the ink to flow to the nib.
  3. Leave your fountain pen in a downward position for the ink to saturate the nib completely.It might take an hour or two before you can use your fountain pen, so don’t worry if it doesn’t write smoothly or release ink right away.

Ink cartridges have many advantages that other fountain pen filling systems can’t match. Here are some of them:

  1. Fountain pen ink cartridges are convenient to carry around, unlike squeeze or piston converters that have to come with an ink bottle. Every time your ink ran out, you can easily replace a cartridge without fear of creating a mess.
  2. They are lightweight and small, so you can slip one in your pocket or bag.
  3. They are the least expensive of all the filling systems.
  4. The method for replacing them is not complicated.

Fountain pen ink cartridges come in a set, which makes them even cheaper. However, before purchasing, always consider the brand and size of your fountain pen. Be sure to check the list of the cartridges that are compatible with your writing instrument. Lastly, to ensure smooth and mess free writing, opt for quick-drying ink and a premium quality plastic cartridge.

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