Differentiate between Fountain Pen and Calligraphy Pen?

Choosing between a calligraphy fountain pen and an ordinary calligraphy pen can be very difficult. Which of the two should you buy if you are looking to enhance your calligraphy writing skills? To help you choose, let us discuss the distinctive characteristics of both the calligraphy fountain pen and the traditional calligraphy pen.

Traditional calligraphy pens and calligraphy fountain pens mainly differ in terms of ink use. Fountain pens are designed with an inner ink cartridge that supplies the ink. It flows to the nib and on to the paper as you write.

Traditional calligraphy pens or dip pens utilize ink differently. Instead of a cartridge, these pens have a dip container. You place the tip of the pen into the bottle to get ink. It takes more effort and time to write using dip pens because you regularly need to pull your pen from the surface of the paper and dip it into the ink container. With fountain pens, you can continuously produce creative calligraphy without interruption.

Traditional calligraphy pens are more suitable for intermediate level calligraphy artists. You need to master its use through consistent application and utilization. Fountain pens offer a more convenient way to learn about calligraphy. Nowadays, both beginners and expert artists use calligraphy fountain pens so there is certainly no shame in getting one.

Calligraphy involves using different stroke widths and lengths to create a visual interpretation of lines and letters. If you aim to write calligraphy, you can definitely use either of the two—or even both. But you want convenience and ease of use, fountain pens are more practical for a mess-free and leakage-free experience.

You can get premium calligraphy pens and fountain pens online. The best ones are made of durable and sustainable materials like bamboo and come with engraved cases. High-quality pens are all hand-made and engineered to provide an excellent writing experience.

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