How to Change a Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge with Ease

Fountain pen ink cartridges must be replaced every time you run out of ink. This option extends the longevity of your fountain pen and is way cheaper than buying a brand new one. You can purchase fountain pen ink cartridges which are sold independently or separately by manufacturers. Continue reading

Fountain Pens for Sale – Grab the Deal Now

One of the reasons why people don’t use fountain pens is because these writing instruments tend to be expensive. But true aficionados know where they can get the best deals on fountain pens for sale. Are you looking to improve your writing experience with a good pen? Then it’s time to start shopping. Look beyond the price during your selection process. Here are some tips to ensure that the fountain pens for sale that you are interested in are truly worth buying. Continue reading

Why Professional Writers Use Fountain Pens

A professional fountain pen is a wonderful gift for a writer. It brings the art back to writing and lets one re-experience the joy of putting pen on paper—a feeling of typing on a screen or a keyboard simply can’t replicate. Books and manuscripts produced centuries ago were created using calligraphy pens, after all, and many writers want to keep that tradition. There is something about writing on paper that feels more thoughtful than pressing keys. Continue reading

Differentiate between Fountain Pen and Calligraphy Pen?

Choosing between a calligraphy fountain pen and an ordinary calligraphy pen can be very difficult. Which of the two should you buy if you are looking to enhance your calligraphy writing skills? To help you choose, let us discuss the distinctive characteristics of both the calligraphy fountain pen and the traditional calligraphy pen. Continue reading