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Antonio Ink Refill

Antonio Da Parra (TM) Fountain Pen Ink Refill Cartridges – Premium Quality – Pack of 20 ( 10 Blue and 10 Black ) International Standard Size Calligraphy Pens – Perfect Set


20 PACK INK CARTRIDGES – The perfect partner to the Antonio da Parra bamboo fountain pen, this pack of 20 fountain pen ink cartridges allows for smooth, fluid handwriting with no leakage or mess. Included are 10 black and 10 blue fountain pen refills for versatility and convenience

• PRACTICAL STANDARD SIZE – These fountain pen ink cartridges feature a 2.6mm sized port making them easy to insert into a standard fountain pen. The premium quality plastic means the cartridges won’t burst or split during insertion or removal, reducing the risk of ink splashing on your hands or clothes

• PROFESSIONAL OR PERSONAL USE – Ideal for use at home or in the office, these standard fountain pen refills offer superb pigmentation which resists smudging and seeping through the page, for bold vivid color. Quick-drying with no opacity, and not watery like other inferior ink refills for fountain pens, they will give your letters, documents, and greetings cards an elegant and professional look

CONSISTENT INK FLOW – These black and blue ink cartridges provide intensity of color with no blobs, smears, or irregular ink flow. The mixed pack saves you the inconvenience and expense of buying two separate packs of cartridges

• ASSURANCE OF QUALITY – We offer a 100% quality assurance guarantee on our cartridges for fountain pens for your complete satisfaction

  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION –Turn everyday documents into an elegant work of art with these premium quality fountain pen refill cartridges.
  • Achieve neat, clean lines and sweeping curves in your handwriting, with no smudges, splashes, or ink stains guaranteed.
  • Easy to fit into a standard fountain pen, this pack of 20 fountain pen ink cartridges includes both blue fountain pen ink and black fountain pen ink for your convenience.
  • With intense pigmentation and exceptional color, these fountain pen refills aren’t watery or prone to leakage, and dry in no time for a beautiful professional finish.