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Antonio Da Parra


1.The parts of your fountain pen:

Your wellspring pen comprises of four sections when assembled—the top, the nib, the barrel, and the ink reservoir. Almost all reservoirs are either a piston converter, a cartridge. The converter needs fountain pen conserved ink. The cartridge is a self-contained, unimportant unit filled with ink.


2.Removing the barrel:

Remove the cap of your fountain pen first, then remove the barrel counterclockwise to open it.


3. Filling with a fountain pen converter:

Place the fountain pen, nib first, into the container of ink until the point of the nib is completely closed Figure A). Bend the piston converter counterclockwise at the top. This forces air to release from the converter. At that point move the top point of the piston converter clockwise to draw the ink up into the converter. While holding the nib above the container of ink, gradually twist the piston converter counterclockwise until a bead of ink flows from the top of the nib. Gently blot excess ink from the nib with blotting surface paper.


4. Inserting a fountain pen cartridge:

Take away the Piston converter tenderly from the nib. Inject a fountain pen cartridge into the nib and push immovably until the point when the cartridge sets itself. You will hear a little snap. You can without much of a stretch switch between packaged ink and cartridges by rinsing the nib and piston converter with cool water periodically.




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